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Games Listed in Gargantua

Book One, Chapter 22

Alphabetized [excluding articles and pronouns] list. Where multiple names are given, all names are listed, and the entry duplicated. I have introduced capitalization in the names. The names were recorded by Francois Rabelais in French about 1530, and translated to English in the mid 17th Century by Thomas Urquhart. I have not compared Urquhart's list to Rabelais' [which I haven't even seen], so I can't say to what degree something was added or lost in translation. If a game has the word 'or' in its name, I may have falsely listed it as two games, see for example, possibly 'Dames or Draughts'. Exceptions: 'Even or Odd', 'Cross or Pile', 'Boke or Him'.

I have taken some care to faithfully transcribe this list, but do not take responsibility for any consequence of the assumption of its correctness. [Jay Cross, 13 Oct 2002]

Game Name Comments
Apple, Pear, and Plum  
Are You All Hid, or Hide and Seek  
At the Nine Stones, or The Flints  
Ball and Huckle-Bones OED says Huckle-Bone is the hip or haunch bone. Thus the name refers to the ball and socket joint.
Barley Break  
Battabum, or Riding the Wild Mare  
Bavine, The OED says a bavin is a bundle of brushwood, but also refers to quick wits, like the quick blaze from burning such a bundle.
Beast, The  
Belly to Belly  
Billiards, The  
Birch, The  
Black Be Thy Fall  
Blank, The  
Blow the Coal  
Bo Peep  
Bob and Hit  
Bob and Mow  
Bobbing, or Flirt on the Nose  
Boke or Him, or Flaying the Fox  
Boulting Cloth, The  
Branching It, The  
Break Pot  
Bridled Nick 'Nick' possibly refers to the devil
Broom-Besom, The  
Bum to Buss, or Nose to Breech  
Bumbatch Touch  
Bush Leap, The  
Casting Top, The  
Cat Selling, The  
Caveson, The  
Chance, The, or Mumchance  
Charming of the Hare, The  
Chess, The  
Click, The  
Climb the Ladder Billy  
Cock and Crank It  
Cock Quintin, The  
Cocksess, The  
Cornish Chough, The A Cornish Chough is a red-legged crow indiginous to Cornwall
Cowes, The  
Crane Dance, The  
Cross or Pile  
Cuckoo, The  
Dales, The, or Straths  
Dames, The, or Draughts  
Dapple Grey, The  
Dead Beast, The  
Dilly Dilly Darling, The  
Doublets, or Queen's Game  
Draughts, or The Dames  
Draw the Spit  
Dying Hog, The  
Earlie Beardie  
Even and Sequence, or Post and Pair  
Even or Odd  
Failie, The  
Fair and Softly Passeth Lent  
Fallen Bridges, The  
False Clown, The  
Fast and Loose  
Ferkeering, or the Long Tables  
Fib, The  
Fig, The  
Filipping, The  
Flat Bowles, The  
Flaying the Fox, or Boke or Him  
Flints, The, or At the Nine Stones  
Flirt on the Nose, or Bobbing  
Flowered Ox, or Shrovetide Ox, The  
Forked Oak, The  
Forward Hey  
French Trictrac, The  
Frolic, The, or Jackdaw  
Geordie Give Me My Lance  
Gome, The OED: gome means bridegroom
Good Mawkin, The  
Gossip Lend Me Your Sack  
Grapple My Lady, or Trill Madam  
Greedy Glutton  
Gunshot Crack, The  
Handruff, The  
Hardit Arsepursey, The  
Hari Hohi  
Harrower's Nest, The  
Have at the Nuts Perhaps a rude physical game?
He's Gulled and Esto  
Heads and Points  
Hide and Seek, or Are You All Hid  
Hinch, Pinch, and Laugh Not  
Hinde the Plowman  
Ho the Distaffe  
Hobgoblins, The  
Hock, The  
Hoop, The  
Horn, The  
Hundred, The  
I Set Me Down  
I Take You Napping  
I'm For That  
Ivory Balls  
Ivory Bundles, The  
Jack and the Box  
Jackdaw, or the Frolic  
Joanne Thomson  
Jog Breech, or Prick him Forward  
Keys, The  
Lanskenet, The  
Larks, The  
Last Couple in Hell, The  
Leek, The  
Let Him Speak that have it, or Puff  
Long Tables, The, or Ferkeering  
Loose Gig, The  
Losing Load Him  
Lottery, The  
Lurch, The  
Lusty Brown Boy, The  
Madge-Owlet, The  
Magatipes, The  
Maniest Bleaks  
Marriage, The  
Marseil Figs  
Moorish Dance, The  
Mumchance, or the Chance  
Musse, The  
Mustard Peel  
My Desire  
Mysterious Trough, The  
Needs Must  
Nicknamrie, The  
Nine Less  
Nine Pins, The  
Nose to Breech, or Bum to Buss  
O Wonderful, The  
Oat's Seed, The  
Old Mode, The  
One and Thirty  
Opinion, The  
Owl, The  
Ox Moudy  
Pass Ten, The  
Peeny, The  
Picket, The  
Pilferers, The  
Pinch Without Laughing  
Post and Pair, or Even and Sequence  
Pounding Stick, The  
Pretty Pigeon, The  
Prick and Spare Not, The  
Prick Him Forward, or Jog Breech  
Prickle Me Tickle Me  
Primus Secundus  
Prison Bars  
Puff, or Let Him Speak that have it  
Pull Yet a Little  
Purpose in Purpose  
Put Out  
Queens, The  
Queen's Game, or Doublets  
Quick and Dead Judge, The  
Quoits, The  
Ramcod Ball, The  
Re-Wedding, The  
Relapse, The  
Reynard the Fox  
Riding the Wild Mare, or Battabum  
Rifle, The  
Rogue and Ruffian  
Rub and Rice  
Rush Bundles, The  
Saint Cosme I Come to Adore Thee  
Salt Doup, The  
Sanct is Found, The  
Sequences, The  
Shaggy, Waggy, or Shoggyshou  
Shoggyshou, Shaggy, or Waggy  
Short Bowls, The  
Short Staff, The  
Shrovetide Ox, or the Flowered Ox  
Slash and Cut  
Soilie Smutchy, The  
Sow, The  
Squares, The  
Span-Counter, The  
Stick and Hole  
Stook and Rook, Shear and Threave  
Straths, or the Dales  
Surly, The  
Tables, The  
Take Nothing and Throw Out  
Tarots, The  
Three Dice, or Maniest Bleaks  
Three Hundred  
Thrust Out the Harlot  
Thwack Swinge Him  
Tilt at Weekie  
Tip and Hurle  
To the Crutch Hulch Back  
Toad, The  
Tods Body  
Torture, The  
Trades, The  
Trill Madam, or Grapple My Lady  
Twigs, The  
Twirly Whirlytril  
Unfortunate Woman, The  
Unlucky Man, The  
Unoven the Iron  
Unshoing of the Ass, The  
Veere and Tourn, The  
Vine-Tree Hug, The  
Waggy, Shoggyshou, or Shaggy  
Whirling Gigge, The  
White at Buts, The  
Who Doth the One, and Doth the Other  
Whole Frisk and Gambole, The  
Wolf's Tail, The  

We present this list for several purposes. One is that we have friends interested in medieval games, and this is a reference or resources for them. Another is that we are intersted in the playful parts of late medieval culture. Many of these games we know nothing about. Their names are often suggestive of a point to the game, but we'd like to know more. If I get enough comments or descriptions, I'll cull this out to a separate website, and include links from each known game to its material.

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